A Smile

What’s more than a smile? When you’re anxious, someone you may know just gives you a smile, and suddenly, there’s nothing to be anxious about! You’re waiting for a…. job interview, you’re sweating, you’re not sure whether you’ll make it to the job or not, and someone, maybe someone you may not know, smiles at you, it makes your day!

Smiles are magical, they can save you from scolding or they can buy you a gift! If you see anyone’s upset, just smile at them, you’ll be stupefied to see you may have probably made someone’s day, or even won yourself a friend, after all, who doesn’t like people who smile. Smile is like a candle’s light, if you give to someone, yours may not go away, just someone else too might get one which was lost.

I’ve got a habit, I don’t know if it’s bad or good, whenever something’s wrong, my lips force themselves to a smile no matter how much I try to resist, but mostly it saves whatever bad could happen, or at times, it changes the reason it was happening, I end up getting a scolding for smile at a wrong time, though it’s not that bad. Sometimes, I smile at strangers, who are then not strangers anymore.

All I really want to say, no matter who it is, just a smile can reveal it. So never hesitate go ahead and smile, no matter how it is, crooked teeth or maybe broken ones, if a smile is natural, happiness is on its way. Smile may be short, but its effect is of more than a mile, try to smile, it is worthwhile.


I fight a lot, but only with my only sibling, my little brother, I enjoy a lot, mostly with my brothers. To all my brothers, this is the way I feel about them, so this one is dedicated to all of them.

Dear brother,

I know we fight,

I know we’re wrong,

But also I know

We can’t stay away for long.

Not to forget

That at times,

Both of us

Are partners in crimes.

Staying up late,

Watching movies,

Studying for exams,

Or blending smoothies.

You never told on me

Neither did I,

But still we fought,

I can’t remember why.

When the reason’s gone,

So’s the quarrel

In the end of the day,

We then learn a moral.

We forget it again,

We fight again,

Neither of us enjoy it,

Neither of us gain.

Let’s forget it all and play,

To fight we do not have to pay,

The beautiful friendship we share,

I know for each other, we care.

Dear brother,

I know we fight,

I know we’re wrong,

But also I know

We can’t stay away for long.


Your Sister

Follow Your Dreams

This one is a note on my most recent poem- Dreams, and what I think of it.

This poem says, that dreams are supposed to be seen and they are supposed to be followed, unless they mean to harm to someone.

There are different types of dreams, some are a reflection of the present you, some are the vision of what you want to be, some are a glimpse of who you were, and some are nightmares which tell you what you fear.

The dreams as meant here are the goals one wants to achieve.I am now in Class VIII and I’m often asked, what my goals are, I know what I want to do, but probably I’m not sure about it, I don’t think I’m the only one. Many don’t know what their goals are, what they want, no one probably does. So how about this answer, I don’t know. It’s not the time to be sure on what I want, I’ve just began ,I think, so why not follow all my dreams and do all of the mistakes in selecting my aim. One day, when I’ll be asked again, I’ll have the answer, I’ll know, because there will be nothing left.


Dreams are to be followed,

Dreams are to be seen,

Dreams are to be followed,

Unless they’re mean.

Dreams come to me

And dreams come to you,

Which are to be followed

For you to be you,

Dreams maybe a reflection

Of what you are,

Dreams maybe a vision,

Of what you may become when you go far,

Dreams maybe a glimpse of what you were,

Dreams maybe nightmares about what you fear.

But those dreams are not the ones I mean,

I mean your goals and what you want to be.

Dreams are to be followed,

Mistakes are to be done,

When you’ve followed all of those,

You’ll know which one

Dream has to be followed

And dream has to be seen.


“Slow Down. Calm Down. Don’t Worry. Don’t Hurry. Trust the Process.”

Life will give me surprises,


It will shape my thinking,


Not only me,

But all grow slowly,

Like the caterpillar who became a butterfly


Gradual is Life and gradual is love,

All of it happens


Life will give me surprises,

It will shape my thinking,


Slow is the revolution of planets around the sun,

Slow was the evolution,

It is natural and natural happens



A Beautiful Night

The night is when the stars come up,

The night is when we go down,

The night is when I want to

Go around the town.

The music of the stars,

The music of the moon,

Can not be heard when the

World’s awake during noon.

So why not try and turn it around,

Look at the stars,

Who knows we may find

The music of Mars.

So why not try and turn it around,

Try to be an owl,

Or a bat or lemur,

Or be a wolf and howl.

So why not try and turn it around.