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About Me

Hi People…..

I am Vidhi Khadaria, probably your neighbor, classmate, acquaintance or the girl who sat beside you somewhere. Yes, I’m just a random girl out of the population of 7.4 billion people who lives in the country of diverse, India, and is presently schooling.

I love,¬†appreciate and participate in drawing (doodling mostly, I love drawing cartoons) and painting, and dance, music and literature are three essential elements which make me human and I can’t live without all of these. I love travelling, and journaling.

Because of love of writing, it’s been a dream for me to write a blog and so, this one came up. I’m gonna post a few compositions, stories and poems by me (they rarely come up, but they do, and whenever they do, I’m said they’re beautiful), book reviews (actually what I think about them, so don’t judge those books), probably videos of dances performed by me and friends, etc.

This is a place for a dreamer to be, or at least I think so. I really hope you love this blog, just leave comments so I can improve at what I love and give it to the world.

-Vidhi Khadaria