Lately, many campaigns have been launched to educate people about menstruation. To teach people why it happens and that it is not impure. But my question is, is that the only problem?

My mother, being highly educated, that too from one of the best convent schools, very well knew why a woman bleeds every month. But she was brought up by my nani and her nani and dadi who probably don’t know why. She never knew nor asked who she had to follow practices like not touching plants, pickles and especially anything religious.

Being a rebel that I am, it enraged me. Why blindly something you don’t know the reason behind? Being lucky to have exposure to internet, I discovered why I bleed between my legs before school taught me, then why is it considered impure and q weakness when it actually symbolises good health, I left almost no stone unturned about menses on internet.

I honestly learnt about it more on a computer screen than anywhere else. Before that, I didn’t even know what it was called! (my mother never mentioned the word.)

The next month, I tried convincing Mumma that we need not follow such stupid practices but all I got was a garma-garam thappad on my left cheek, ouch! She won’t even listen to the story of Indra and his brahmahatya and Gods of waters, trees, earth and women (In case you’re curious, read the story in the end of the post).

I’ve never tried again after that because I get warmed up very easily and a garma-garam thappad in Surat’s humidity! I’d rather never worship idols again (at times I’m obliged to).

So, the point of the whole post is, you can educate those around you, but how will you convince them to leave their ma’s pallu and their pappa’s ungli ? I’ve been thinking about this for a while, leave me your ideas in the comments. I am going to read them on a live video on my Instagram account and discuss what I feel about them

For those interested in the story behind women’s periods (the story behind myths) :

Once Indra got Brahmahatya Sin after killing Visvarupa. He suffered with it for one year. Then to get rid of that sin, he approached Waters, Earth, Women and Trees asking each of them to take one-fourth part of the sin. They accepted to bear that in return for a boon.

  1. With a boon that a hollow dug into it would be filled by itself in due course, Earth accepted a quarter. A barren land (not preferable for religious rites) is the appearance of Brahmahatya Sin accepted by Earth.
  2. With a boon that their chopped off parts like branches would regrow, trees accepted another quarter. The gum that oozes out of trees is the appearance of Brahmahatya Sin.
  3. Water accepted the third quarter with a boon of increase in the substance like in wells, from springs etc., The Brahmahatya sin is visible in waters in the form of bubbles and foam (Water with bubbles and foam is not taken in religious activities right from Aachamanam).
  4. Women accepted the last quarter. In them, the Brahmahatya sin manifests as monthly periods. In return they received a boon of constant (or more) carnal urge so that they can meet their needs even in their gestation (not harming the foetus).