Another day, sleepy morning, I couldn’t sleep before 4 last night.

I could hear ma scream my name, “Kaira!” I groaned in reply.

There are days when I start crying for almost everything, then there are days when no matter how much I’m suffocating to cry, not a single tear wells up in my eyes…..

Last night was a suffocating one, I wasn’t able to cry. Why is it so only few things last only long enough to make me smile?

I checked time, it was almost 7:30, my bus would arrive in half an hour. I rushed to get ready and had juice to make up for my skipped breakfast. I had to get things anyway.

I didn’t want to go to school today and see my friends give cards to some other birthday girl. I hadn’t received even one for mine.

The thought of it triggered sobs lumping I’m my throat. None escaped, yet. I couldn’t help going straight to the washroom after throwing my bag on the desk and let the sobs and tears explode.

I looked at my scars which had already become just marks. I would der what was I thinking when I took out the divider which had been in my pocket everywhere for a few days now. I took notice in turning those marks back to scars.

The homeroom was almost over when I got out, washed up and ran to my class just in time.e for the role-call. I made an excuse to the teacher and walked towards my seat. I quickly rolled down my sleeves to hide the scars.