That day, the ride to school seemed longer than it ever had.

I walked to my classroom, dropped my bag on the chair.

My birthday and some other days were the only ones I could think that I have some worth. Not even my birthday that year…

With a super enthusiastic mood, I had planned my little celebration and called everyone. My hope got crushed as if it had come under a road-roller when all of my friends were busy studying for upcoming annual tests or had plans, literally all!

Just when I was in the middle of my sulking, ouch! I bumped into my desk. I sat up and started burying into my textbooks.

I did nothing that day. Didn’t talk to anyone in school.

Worse than having my little birthday celebration cancelled was to see the same people I invited celebrating other people’s birthdays and spamming Snapchat and Instagram stories with the photos and videos.

My birthday was definately farther from exams than ant of the others’ birthdays.

I wished if someone could see it all, feel what I was feeling and help me.

This was chapter 2. Incase you haven’t read chapter 1, here it is:-