I could not see clearly (like any other morning), but there was an addition to my regular morning blur, I woke up to a headache so bad that I felt like ripping my head off.

I looked at my left wrist. The scars I had carved last night looked faded. They had to. I had used a divider from my geometry box. The skin around them was still a little swollen, but it seemed like time had sucked up some of the swelling during the course of my sleepless heavy night.

My pillow cover was still soaked and so was my t-shirt.

I could not make myself to move any further to start another day but I had no choice.

I walked towards the washroom sink and splashed as much water on my face as I could. I brushed my teeth and after a minute break, walked to the kitchen to get my cereal.

Something didn’t feel right. It was like my insides were gone. I felt empty, yet heavy.

I got ready to catch my school bus. The bus came late. I sat alone, sulking against the window.