We all might have come across people, we became friends with, but now the term ‘friend’ doesn’t seem very right to be associated with them, these are called toxic friends, or dark ‘friends’ as I call them.

You can identify one very easily, they are quite typical to say, but different. They manipulate you, they may abuse you, talk rubbish about you, some convince you to take the blame for something they did, how? They ask you to “play your role as a friend”. Sounds bad, huh? I know.

If you feel distressed around someone, it’s bad. If they talk rubbish to you about others, they may say the same about you to others on your back. As it comes to the blame-passing ‘friends’, you can play your role by leading your friend to the correct path, not by taking their blame, which somehow encourages them to do it to you again and again! Get over it.

Getting over a friend might be difficult, you will even regret your decision, but you don’t need to, you did this for you own better, they must be happy about it if they are friends. Delete there any contacts from your life forever, block them from your social media. They will of course want to have a last word, all you have to do is keep calm and be strong. Yelling will just make you look like missing them and you wanting them back, being calm will make you the better person, tell them why you did so. Don’t let them manipulate you, they may do this by acting like a ‘wounded puppy’ or by telling you wrong things you’ve done.

Some days later, you’ll realise that you have saved yourself from a very dark creature, you can compare them and their friendship like a dementor and a dementor’s kiss. They were doing it to you, slower than a real dementor though. I know, for I’ve had this twice before. It will give you pain to let go of a friend, you may think they might have changed, but if you go back to them, they might be nice at first, they will only take a few days to come back to their older selves.