We all may have good friends we share a lot of stuff with, we all may have parents we share a lot of stuff with, you agree or not there are things you feel you can tell no one, that’s why you need a diary.

Writing a diary is one of the healthiest habits for your inner soul, or I think so. Writing a diary might be boring, and maintaining one can be even more boring, but you need to make an effort. I would like to share some awesome tips with everyone about keeping a diary and also why you should.

  1. A study has shown keeping a diary helps your brain to open up, after you write down stuff in your mind in detail, if you read it, you might be able to understand it better.
  2. Personalize your diary. The more is your diary like you, the better it will make you feel and adding to it what you like sounds fun.
  3. Instead of thinking of your diary as a diary, think of it as you or a friend you may have imagined. Write your entries as if you are talking to yourself or an imaginary friend.
  4. Make it a habit to write an entry every once or twice a day, at least. Don’t worry if you have not been able to write in it for a long time, write in as soon as you can and update your friend with your life.
  5. Keep it with you everywhere. I feel you should write a diary whenever you can, no matter what, where or when, if you feel an urge to write in, do it.
  6. Add mementos into in whenever you can. It is not necessary for every entry. For example- you go for a walk in nature, collect a flower or leaf from there to remind you of it whenever you read. Add movie tickets and stuff to it.
  7. Read your older entries every once in a while.

Hope, you get why you should write a diary and value it. It will help you understand yourself better. Make sure you keep it a secret.